To All The Camp Pelican Family,


We have a few things coming up! As camp gets closer, we need your support!


Camp Pelican has been chosen as a charity for the 2024 Crescent City Classic. This means that we need at least 25 participants to sign-up as a charity runner. Don’t worry, you do NOT have to RUN the CCC! By signing up as a charity runner for Camp Pelican, you are commiting to raise a minimum of $200 for Camp Pelican, but there are also some perks! Please see the attached instructions, and contact Brandy Landry at for more information.


If you cannot sign-up as a charity runner this year, please help spread the word. You can also donate to any of our Charity Runners or to Camp Pelican in general through the following website to help them meet their goals. All of these runners donations will go directly to Camp Pelican!


Thank You for Your Support!